In-House Seminar on 1970 Summer Sporadic-E Experiment in the HF Radar Program Friday, August 28, 1970 - Room 1103 SESSION I Introduction and Background Morning 9:00 Introductory Comments E. K. Smith 9:10 History of Es Research E. K. Smith 9:30 Recent Es Theoretical Developments D. R. Layzer 9:50 Introduction to Backscatter R. Silberstein 10:10 Recent Backscatter Work R. D. Hunsucker 10:25 Coffee Break 10:45 Recent Amateur Results P. Dyer SESSION II The Current Program 11:00 The Summer Es Experiment(Objectives) E. K. Smith 11:05 The Backscatter Program (Includes Samples) L. H. Tveten 11:25 The Midpoint Experiments J. C. Blair 11:45 The Amateur Collaborative Program and CCIR IWP-8 E. K. Smith 12:00 Lunch SESSION III Evaluation Afternoon* 1:00 Some Theoretical Thoughts on Es D. R. Layzer 1:15 Data Considered in Aggregrate J. C. Blair 1:20 Round Table Review of Data 3:00 Coffee SESSION IV Future Plans 3:15 - 4:00 p.m. *Field trip to Platteville arranged for Hams.