WA5IYX Antenna Systems

(Image created from an October 1991 35-mm b&w negative using a Snappy 3.0 with an 8-mm camcorder.)

The telescoping mast on the left has the 3-element 10-m Wilson Yagi (1977).
Above it is the 5-element 6-m Cushcraft (1960's vintage). They are aimed southeast.
(This view has the 10-m gamma match largely in line-of-sight with the 6-m 3rd director.)
The center telescoping mast has the Archer V-100 hi-low VHF-TV (1973), the 8-bay bow-tie UHF array (1971), and the Archer 6-element FM Yagi (1977).

The top of each mast is in the 20-23 foot AGL range. Growth of heavy vegetation has probably attenuated much of what that UHF antenna could once get down so low.
The right edge of the frame shows half of the reflector of the home-brew 3-element 15-m Yagi fed with 50' of highly-visible 1966-vintage RG-8 foam coax (discarded from 50-MHz use by the early 1980's). This antenna is only about 14' AGL and has to be hand rotated
as some of its elements will impact the 6&10-m mast at various azimuths!
Not shown here are the ground-mounted 14AVQ and 11-e 2-m Cushcraft (1980) on a roof apex 3' tripod (nor the "roof-hugging" 75-m dipole).

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