American Basic Science Club

Instruction Manuals
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Cover Letters
Advertisment (a)
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Kit 1
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Supplemental Booklets
Steps To A Ham License
Photography Darkroom Handbook
Radio & TV Service Manual
Uranium Prospecting
Weather Manual (1962)

Southwest Research Institute

Southwest Roundup, April-May 1958
Tomorrow Through Research, Volume XI, Number 3-4

1958 Open House Map
1958 Open House Directory

1959 Open House Map
1959 Open House Announcement-a
1959 Open House Announcement-b


San Antonio Light article

ABSC Envelope (Apr 1958)
ABSC Envelope - Part Order (Aug 1958)
ABSC Parts Order Blank
Polarizing Microscope Object Notes (1958)
Ultraviolet Light Notes (1958)
Kit 7 Experiment Notes (1959)
Cloud Chamber Notes (1959)
Cloud Chamber Notes (1961)

Images of Some Still-Existing Kit Pieces
(NOT exhaustive!)
Coarse Coil (D-5 on D-1)
D-Battery (C-1)
D-Battery (C-1)
Armature (D-2)
Loud Speaker Cone (K-17)
Lamp Housing with Tube Holder (O-1, 2, 5, 6)
Lamp Shield Cover (P-9)
Box for some Optics
Spectroscope Bracket (P-4, 5, 6)
Flourescent Tracer Powder Capsule [zinc sulphide] (P-20)
Smoke Chamber Vial in Cork (S-1 in P-16)
S-27 (weather-forecasting related)
Anemometer Generator Bracket (S-14)

Constructed Aug-Sep 2003