WA5IYX 1971 GB Hill Photos

(Gun Barrel Hill - US DoC Field Site
10 miles ne of Boulder, CO)

The following were made from camcorder imaging of Instamatic 126 et al prints.
(click on image for full-sized version)

GBH 6-m antenna et al
   29,896 bytes

August 1971
6-m antenna (courtesy WØEYE, now WØPW)
with part of one remaining (once three) 20-ft
German WW2 Würzburg anti-aircraft radar dish

GBH site antennas et al
   37,237 bytes

August 1971
view se across site building showing more of the
Würzburg radar dish

GBH 120' tower
   31,373 bytes

August 1971
view east with 120' tower
east side of which had two large Ch 8 yagi's
in a "V" for troposcatter measurements of the
Albion and McCook, Nebraska station signals
(vacant pedestal once held another Würzburg)

GBH view SW
   37,663 bytes

July 1971
view sw towards Boulder (and the Flatirons)
site was 30 acres in middle of 1 sq-mile farm

NBS Labs
  80,949 bytes

NBS Labs - postcard c. 1970
Flatirons in background
ionosonde on hill in center midground
solar telescope dome near left end of first wing


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