There's a little bit of everything on this page. This page will help you follow the progression of TV and FM broadcasting over the years.

  1. 1928 Scanning Disc Television Kit
    DIY, way back then.

  2. FM Status in 1950
    Color map from Radio-Television Retailing 1950

  3. FM Status in 1942
    Only 26 stations!

  4. FM Status in 1959
    A few more than 26.

  5. TV Antenna Development - 30 Years in Review
    James E. Kluge

  6. The Meissner TV Kit
    Build your own TV

  7. W2XQR
    The station that eventually became WQXR 96.3 New York.

  8. W39B Mt. Washington NH FM
    Better recognized as WMTW or WHOM 94.9.

  9. Rapid FM expansion in 1944

  10. The Concert Network
    Coverage map of all stations from NYC to Boston in the early 60s.

  11. List of TV Markets, Stations and Channels in 1940
    Radio-Electronics, May 1982

  12. Lack of International TV Standards
    Eric M. Leyton, Sept 1968

  13. White's Radio Log 1951
    C DeWitt White Co 1951