Tech Library

Welcome to the tech library section of the WTFDA website. Here you will find material on various topics of interest to DXers and stored on the site, preserved for future use. Click on a topic on the left and start reading.

  1. Antenna Development
    Designs come and go over the years. There were many. Some faded away but some stayed.

  2. Antenna Theory
    Rhombics and Yagis. How they work.

  3. Antenna Stacking
    Classic articles on how to do it properly.

  4. TV and FM development
    Growth of TV and FM in the USA, early TV/FM stations, early TV development documents.

  5. Propagation and Distant Reception
    Propagation and DX related articles, Ryan Grabow's analog 2-6 skip maps just pre-DTV.

  6. Technical Material
    Channel Master/Winegard catalogs, XDR-F1HD service manual.

  7. Bob Cooper's Corner
    Here you'll find the first 16 issues of Coop's DX Horizons Magazine.

  8. Whites Radio Log Winter 1951
    Things were much different then.

  9. WTFDA Corner
    WTFDA Memorabilia.