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Jeff Kadet, K1MOD


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Jeff Kadet, K1MOD

02-xetu (non-station).JPG

This was the name of a TV program.
It really confused me at first.



During the early am one morning in 1973, when I lived in Bethesda, MD, this mystery channel 7 came on the air under WMAL about 20 minutes before they signed off.  The CCI was 20 KHz offset to WMAL, so channel 7- (minus). 

After WMAL cut their carrier this test pattern appeared.  I called the FCC to find out where VV28999 was licensed to but they had no record of it.  The station was coming from the direction of the Pentagon.

68-unID TBN to st. louis.JPG

This is another mystery TBN coming from the direction of St. Louis.  It was on the air for a few days then vanished.  Another station with no explaination.  Not in FCC database.

10-wlix (wrong callsign!).JPG

Supposed to be WILX-TV

14-pirate (Manito, IL).JPG

This station was  being transmitted from  the Manito, IL Police Department using a "Rabbit" transmitter.  I think the antenna was on a tower.  Manito is 48 miles away. This totally baffled me at first.  After calling some phone numbers in announcements it was tracked down.
It was seen for about a week then, um, vanished...


A FCC clerical error has given this station a wrong callsign 

35-wnit-dt text id over ksdk-dt~.JPG

getting two DTVs at once

36-k36ab (keta-13 but with wthr-13).JPG

 K36AB Lawton, OK usually rebroadcasts KETA-13 which it picks up over the air. During the Thanksgiving, 1986 Mega-tropo opening, when KETA was off the air in the early am, K36AB was picking up and rebroadcasting WTHR-13 in Indianapolis, IN which is 765 miles away.

45-wsns-dt text id typo (WNSN).JPG

WSNS-DT-45 with wrong call letters in the text ID

46-XHPNT CCI under whsl~.JPG

Mexico by tropo.  That's their CCI under WHSL's shopping.  I have it on audiotape with an ID at the top of the hour.  984 miles

(Now if  I can only find it...)

52-w52cl (using w59aw tp!).JPG

A channel 59 TP on channel 52

61-unID tbn minus minus offset to st. louis.JPG

A mystery TBN below minus offset that was on the air for about a week.  It was popping on and off the air and was seen giving a WWTO-35 ID.  It  was also seen in KY. There is no explaination for it.  Not in FCC database.




I was once a Nielsen Family and filled out their logbook for a week accurately listing all the channels I was watching.   It was filled with TV DX.


I never expected to hear from them again, but a few years later I again became a Nielsen Family. 
This time I just ignored it.

thanksgiving 1986 map1.JPG

Perhaps the greatest midwest tropo opening in recorded history occurred from November 24 to 30, 1986. 

WTBY-54 in Poughkeepsie, NY, for example, was in all day and night for 2 days.  It had never been seen before and hasn't been seen since.

thanksgiving 1986 map2.JPG

WTWS-26 New London, CT was coming in at the same time as K36AB Lawton, OK was rebroadcasting WTHR-13 Indianapolis (see the K36AB picture 3 rows above).

KSAT-12 San Antonio was coming in at the same time as PA state translators above channel 70. 

           thanksgiving 1986 map3.JPG

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